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About Bavaria Trachten

When Jan, Thomas and Till put their heads together, their intention was to figure out a way to share their love for the German traditions and culture with the US.
With personal roots in the German textile and leather handcraft going back to the early 1900’s, the three Germans naturally thought of selling German Lederhosen, authentic leather pants whose origin can be traced back to the Old World and the working class group within Germany.
And so the brand Bavaria Trachten was born, a family business registered in Germany that distributes German wares directly to the US; no middleman present.
In line with their love for the German culture and the Oktoberfest, Jan, Thomas and Till design products that have an aspect of originality, sticking to the way things have been done and worn for centuries, maintaining the traditional charm all the way!

Our Products:

🍺 TRADITIONAL LEDERHOSEN DESIGN: These authentic leather Lederhosen for men come in the ORIGINAL design by Bavaria Trachten, Germany with GORGEOUS EMBROIDERY and are extremely comfortable to wear. Make them the centerpiece of your original Oktoberfest outfit!
🍺 PREMIUM QUALITY LEATHER: These traditional Mens German pants are made from 100% genuine cow suede, a superior quality material guaranteed to withstand the test of time. The high-quality stitching is EXTRA_DURABLE while the suspenders make sure everything stays put!
🍺 WHAT YOU NEED: With countless beer festivals and funfairs just around the corner, impress your friends and family with an authentic lederhosen costume with suspenders, the true traditional German design!
🍺 ULTRA-COMFORTABLE: This men’s clothing comes with an old, rich Bavarian history and include adjustable suspenders, as well as belt flaps and multiple front and back pockets. With a slightly tighter fit in the beginning, these lederhosen trousers will widen and adapt according to your body shape.
🍺 ORIGINAL GIFT: Order these genuine leather trousers for yourself or as a thoughtful gift for a special friend, and you can be sure to win their appreciation! Wear it as an Octoberfest outfit, beer festivals, a themed party, Halloween or even at a traditional wedding, these authentic Bavarian pants are the way to go!

The Bavaria Trachten leather pants are handcrafted and made from 100% genuine cow suede.

The premium quality natural leather ensures a comfortable, robust and durable wearing experience that improves over time developing “patina” or “speckig”; a fragrance and weathered look typical to well-aged leather. Inside fabric ensures an easy fit and after-fest-take-off.

The “hosenstall” (aka: the fly) is opened and closed by buttons made from horn and the pants come with flaps which allow for belts. An alternatively impressive look would be to use the included adjustable suspenders.

There is a small leather strap at the waistband which allows for adjusting waistline size.

Also known as Knickerbocker pants, they can be paired off, plus the suspenders, with a plaid shirt, woolen “Kniestrümpfe” (aka: stockings), a neck tie and some leather shoes. Thus completing the look for a “feuchtfröhliche” (aka: wet) beer fest season. With a knife pocket, two front pockets and one at the back, you can safely store your valuables and indulge.

Of original German design, Bavaria pants used to be worn on Sundays and on special festive occasions. Embroidered to give you that uniquely authentic appearance, it adds to the special character and elegance of the fit, making a statement. Available in various sizes, the pants are affordable, easy to clean and optimal traditional costumes for Bavaria’s Oktoberfest, carnival time or for themed fancy dress parties. They can also be handed down to the next generations, sharing the rich cultural heritage of Germany.

If you want to dress German, Bavaria Trachten leather pants are the perfect fit for you! Get your own Lederhosen and wear authentic Bavarian clothing with joy and pride to your next Oktoberfest or party!

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Lederhosen for Men – short – White

Lederhosen for Men – short – Light Brown

Lederhosen for Men – short – Dark Brown

Lederhosen for Men – Kneebound – Light Brown

Lederhosen for Men – Kneebound – Dark Brown