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Hallo! I’m Karen, and I am delighted to be co-hosting Webtoberfest 2020 with Angela!

When we first started pulling this together, it sounded so simple, yet kind of impossible. An ONLINE Oktoberfest?! How could this even work? Would anyone come? (And most importantly, how the heck would the Beer part work?)

Now that Webtoberfest is ready, we are excited to share it with all of you. Enjoy the music! And dance along like no one is watching! Participate in some beer or tastings (Drizly delivers!) Then maybe try your hand at a German Cooking Class?

Take part in a contest, we have great prizes! And keep an eye out for our mascot, Waldi, my favorite Wiener.
(I’m sorry to announce that we just could not work out a way to get the Schiffschaukel delivered to all of you…)

Welcome to Webtoberfest!

Work with me!

Eating Salami in a Peanut Butter World…

I was born in California, but my heart has always been in Germany. You see, my parents are German, and emigrated to the US in the 60’s to start a new life. Fortunately for me, much of the life they thought they’d left behind came along with them.

My first language was German. I ate German foods, wore German clothes, went to a German school on Saturdays, we celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve… My family was German.

This was the 60’s and 70’s, so travel and communication wasn’t like it is now. No Skype or e-mail. Instead, we had occasional scratchy long-distance phone calls and packages wrapped in brown paper and twine covered in stamps and full of delicious treats. Family would visit, and once in a great while, we would board a plane, usually Condor Charter, and fly 10 hours to visit the people we loved.

Growing up this way was normal for me, but I could see how different I was from the other kids. You could say the salami sandwiches on black crusted rye bread in the lunchroom made me stand out.

Why did I put all this online? I guess that writing it helps me remember…and allows me to share the culture I grew up with. The good, the bad; the traditions and the misconceptions about what it means to be German in America.

And now?

I am constantly amazed and excited that what started off as a simple blog to help people understand German Culture has grown so big! The best part is hearing from my readers, learning their stories, and comparing memories. I swear we all grew up as members of the same crazy club but just didn’t know it then.

After the Pandemic, we are all meeting Thursday evenings…there will be snacks, someone needs to bring napkins.


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