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We are an German language radio station located in San Francisco. Our programs are broadcast in both German and English.

Our listeners are both; young and old, man and woman, tourists as well as residents of San Francisco and beyond.

The uniqueness of our station as well as our international team, make The German Radio an ideal advertising platform, allowing advertisers to position their brand in an ear-catching manner.

German Radio Sendeplan – Broadcasting Schedule

Unser Team

Pamela Sommer
happy hour mask
Michael Klein
German Beer Garden Cooking Class
Seebe Janssens
happy hour pillow
Fred Lühne
Omas German Cooking Class
Roland Luttmer
Omas German Cooking Class
Sascha Tanski
happy hour mask
Hans Werner Lange
German Beer Garden Cooking Class
Alexander Tauscher
happy hour pillow
happy hour webtoberfest

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