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KinderBooks is an online rental that offers German children’s books subscriptions for children 0-10 years. We mail you carefully selected books, matching the age and interests of your child. No matter if your son is into dinosaurs or music, your daughter wants books on ballet or space, your kids are early or advanced readers, or you are desperately looking for diverse books: We offer quality books on a wide range of topics, classics from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, new releases, bestsellers, and unusual favorites in fiction and non-fiction, award-winning titles, books that educate or just are fun for children and adults alike.

We look through catalogues, bestseller and award lists, ask experts and parents what is tried and proven. So your child will expand his or her German skills and vocabulary, learn about the heritage culture and the world, while you have fun reading together.

Several subscriptions are avaiable, starting at $12.50.

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We ship to all states within the US.

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