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Interested in collaborating with WebtoberFest 2020? Here is what you need to know!

WebtoberFest Dates

Virtual Market & Entertainment Events

Sept. 1st – Oct. 31st, 2020

Virtual Beer Tent Stage – Live Stream Events

Sept. 26th to Oct. 10th, 2020

About the Webtoberfest

The WebtoberFest will be hosted by “All Tastes German” and “German Girl in America” for the first time during September & October 2020. It will be promoted not only by the hosts but also by a large variety of U.S. & German food & lifestyle influencers and brands that will collaborate for the

According to the participating traffic contributors, we are expecting 500k impressions so far during the celebration time. This is the perfect opportunity to promote yourself, your website and your social media channels.

Win-Win Situation

Interested in a Media Collaboration?

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Collabs can bring in serious traffic to your website and social media profiles. A great chance to increase the numbers of your subscribers and followers drastically.

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Offical WebtoberFest Media Partner Badge

Free to use on your website and social media profiles.

Cross Promotion

You promote us – we promote you!
We will share and promote your content via the WebtoberFest Facebook and Instagram profiles.

Virtual Booth with Shop Function

As a collaboration partner you will get a free virtual booth with shop. This is a great way to sell your subscriptions, books or other items.

Increase Engagement

Featuring trending content like Oktoberfest celebrations can be a great way to highly engage your social media followers and give you an effective algorithm bump.

Virtual Booth Info

Virtual WebtoberFest
Booth Benefits

FREE Virtual Booth
with external linked Products Shop & Social Media Promotion

FREE Virtual Booth with:

    • Your branded header
    • Your logo
    • Your description
    • Link to your website
    • Link to your social media profiles
    • Place to embed a featured YouTube video
    • Shop display with up to 12 product photos that directly link to your website or marketplace listings (i.e. Amazon, Ebay, Etsy etc.).

Social Media Promotion Package:

  • We will share and promote your content via the WebtoberFest Facebook and Instagram profiles
  • Possibility to get sponsored brand deals

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Virtual WebtoberFest
Booth Profile

See Virtual Booth Demo

Virtual WebtoberFest
Booth Shop

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